About Us

MYTECH is a world-class manufacturer of LCD & LCM customizing for today's advance electronics industry specializing in information technology and telecommunication products.

MYTECH has full production line capabilities for incorporating SMT (Surface Mount Technology), COB (Chip on Board), TAB (Tape Automated Bonding), and FPC (Flexible Print Circuit) module design apart from high quality TN (Twist Nematic), HTN (Hyper Twist Nematic), STN (Super Twist Nematic), and FSTN (Film Compensation Super Twist Nematic) type LCDs.

Excellent manufacturing facilities and clean room environment are located in the Far East (Korea, Taiwan, and China) while each plant has its own product types and options to support various customers' inquiries. MYTECH assures short and minimized cycle of custom design, development, and production for most customized programs.

MYTECH provides immediate delivery from stock for evaluation/marketing samples and preproduction run. MYTECH's facilities are an ISO 9001 certified, supported by R&D professionals and technical engineers, focus on QA while maintaining efficient and economical production with customer oriented services.

MYTECH's production capacity maintains 3.5 million LCD cells per month that is distributed to leading electronics and telecommunications manufacturers around the world.

Our goal is to maintain our status as a well-respected, high quality supplier while continuing to grow and strategically expand our product offering; never forgetting that the customer's needs are first at hand. MYTECH strives for the highest professionalism in all aspects especially in developing close working relationship with customers who MYTECH believes it to be a vital role in continuous improvement in superior quality products and services.

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